Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things, Prototyping, System Design, Product Design,

Teamwork (2), duration: 4 weeks,

Spring 2019

AIoT Cactus is an artificial intelligence + internet of things system that helps a user, serving as a social media assistant which collaborates with smart devices, to manage and update their digital account.


Instead of discussing an ideal AGI that seamlessly simulates the whole of a user in the distant future, it mainly focuses on a notion of dispersal of consciousness embedded in IoT devices where different AI systems collaborate together as a collective consciousness to represent the will of user on social media.


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The AIoT system serves as an integrated personal social media assistant. There is a pet monitor which is a smart camera that observes the surroundings and helps users to capture their important moments in their daily lives.

After the sensor detects a possibility, it will tell the lamp (in the right corner) to light up and the Hubble-bubble machine to make dreamlike bubbles in order to create a scene for the monitor to take a beautiful photo.

Then, the photo will be uploaded to Google AutoML and wait for the evaluation. If it gets a high score, it will be passed to another AI agent,  Google Cloud Virtual Machine, to detect the content of this photo.

some of the evaluation results

After finishing the contextualization, the Char-RNN system will generate a caption based on the particular content. 

Following is the test account on Instagram we created to hook up the whole system we proposed. All the posted photos and captions were generated in real-time.

Ideal collages based on the idea that

what would happen if we use stickers and filters to make our contents go viral?

I tested one of the yoga-cat collages with YOLACT, an algorithm does real-time instance segmentation and object recognition, which proves the idea that

we can use stickers as add-on social values to our digital existence.

Will this become a new format of hybrid reality?

Physical Installation

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